Total Drama: Wawanakwa's Return
Country of origin Canada
Genre Animation
Reality television
Created by TDfan10
Developed by TDfan10
Directed by TDfan10
Preceded by None
Succeeded by Total Drama: The Studio's Return


This is the season when Camp Wawanakwa is put back together and has all kinds of aquatic features. 18 contestants will come back to compete for $1,000,000! They include some from the 1st generation, 2nd generation, and the 3rd generation. The first two eliminated cast members will go to Boney Island to compete to stay in the game. After that battle, the person who wins gets to stay and fend for themselves against bears and wolly-beavers while the eliminated contestants are in a hidden hotel where nobody can find. After episode 7 the person still there will rejoin the game. Whoever is left on Boney Island before the merge will return.



Team SharkEdit

Team OctopusEdit


  • Gwen
  • Samey
  • Owen
  • Scott
  • Dawn
  • Duncan
  • Amy
  • Izzy
  • Dave



Boney Island BattlesEdit

episode 3: Al v.s Heather Winner: Alejandro

episode 4: Al v.s Shawn Winner: Alejandro

episode 5: Al v.s Staci Winner: Staci

episode 6: Staci v.s Beardo  Winner: Staci


episode 8: B v.s Zoey Winner: Zoey  Zoey v.s Lindsay Winner: Zoey

episode 9: Zoey v.s Mike Winner: Zoey Zoey v.s Amy Winner: Amy


MERGE! No more Boney Island Battles!


  1. Back to Camp
  2. The Sharks are Back!
  3. Alone, Bone, and a Clone
  4. Singing Battle
  5. The Unexpected
  6. Balance of Death
  7. Let it Hail, Let it Hail, Let it Hail!
  8. Scary Night
  9. Neon Tag
  10. Merging Madness
  11. Nom Nom
  12. Seven Showdown
  13. Spread Your Wings and Possibly Die
  14. Scary Night 2
  15. Semi-Finals
  16. TDWR Finale
  17. TDTSR Voting Results

Elimination TableEdit

Episode Character Losing Team Rank Second Low Votes
1 Alejandro Team Shark 20th Staci 7
2 Heather Team Octopus 19th Duncan 6
3 Shawn Team Octopus 18th Scott 6
4 Staci Team Shark 17th Gwen 7
5 Beardo Team Octopus 16th Izzy 5
6 B Team Octopus 15th Mike 4
7 Zoey Team Octopus 14th Scott 4
Lindsay Team Shark 13th N/A Auto-choose
8 Mike Team Shark 12th Staci 4
Amy Team Shark 11th Staci 2
9 Staci Team Shark 10th Samey 4
10 Samey Merge 9th Dave 5
11 Dave Merge 8th Owen 4
12 Amy Merge 7th Owen & Gwen 4
13 Duncan Merge 6th Owen Auto Elimination
14 Izzy Merge 5th N/A Eliminated
15 Dawn Merge 4th Semi-Finalist Scott 5
16 Owen Merge 3rd Finalist N/A N/A
Gwen Merge 2nd Runner-Up N/A N/A
Scott Merge 1st Winner N/A N/A