Screaming Super Heroes
Season in Total Drama Action
Number of members 14
Highest ranking member Mike – 1st
Lowest ranking member Bridgette – 26th
Description Only heroes
Team selected by Chris

This team is one of the two main teams from Season 2, Total Drama Action. Both of the teams are based upon supermen and superwomen where the contestants are separated into teams of heroes and villains.



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These are all the eliminations from this team:

Episode Character Rank Team Rank 2nd Low Reason
2 Bridgette 26th 14th Sierra She didn't do anything to help her team and was eliminated.
4 Leshawna 24th 13rd Owen She and Owen was useless to they team and she was eliminated out of random.
7 Zoey 21st 12nd Owen Unknown, voted out of random.
9 Sadie 19th 11st Lindsay She was annoying her teammates, so they decided to vote her out.
10 Katie 18th 10th Sierra Was confused in the challenge and shoot at her own team.
12 Sierra 16th 9th Dawn Was confused in the challenge and shoot at her own team.


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