Screaming Seagulls
Season in Total Drama Island
Number of members 11
Highest ranking member Cody – 1st
Lowest ranking member Geoff – 24th
Description Only heroes
Team selected by Chris

This team is one of the second set of teams in Season 1, Total Drama Island. All characters in this teams are from the remaining contestants from the Super Seals after Episode 15.



Main article: Total Drama Eliminations

These are all the eliminations from this team:

Episode Character Losing Team Rank Reason
15 Geoff Screaming Seagulls 24th
Eva Screaming Seagulls returns
DJ Screaming Seagulls 23rd
16 Sam Screaming Seagulls 22nd
19 B Screaming Seagulls 18th
Brick Screaming Seagulls 17th
23 Harold Screaming Seagulls 12th


  • Even though Eva was a girl, she was placed on the boy's team.

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