This is the fourteenth episode of Total Drama: Wawanakwa's Return by User:TDfan10.

"Last time on TDWR, the top 6 faced off in a flying to driving race. With another twist, no more points. And Mr. Goody Pants Duncan, was automatically eliminated. We are down to five! and who will get freaked out? And who will be that freak? Find out now on....." he said, but he was interrupted by a dark man. "YOU?! How did you..." the man grabbed him and threw him in the water.

(theme song)

It was dark at night. The contestants were in the kitchen waiting for dinner. Chef didn't come out. "What is taking him so long?" Owen asked. "I'm starving! I don't care if he has disgusting slop, I'm so hungry!" Gwen moaned. The door blew open, the lights went out. The contestants gasped. Dawn screamed. "It's okay Dawn!" he said rubbing Dawn's arm. Then they heard this stabbing noise and a scream. "What was that?" Izzy asked normally. The lights went on and they found that Owen was gone. "Where's OWEN!?" Dawn screamed. THe contestants ran out of the cafeteria screaming. Suddenly everything was black. "Okay! This is getting creepy!" Izzy said. They all ran off in an opposite direction. Gwen ran towards the cave.

Gwen: Even though this is a game, they can't actually kill us, right?

There was a light on in the cave. Gwen went inside to find the light. "That doesn't make sense!" she said as she looked at the objects. She walked out and saw the dark man. Her scream echoed throughout the island.

Scott: When I hear the screams, it freaks me out!

He walked towards a tree and leaned on it. He looked up to see a spider above him. He screamed. Dawn walked down the forest trail and went up the cliff. She looked down. She turned around  to see the man. "AAAAHHH! Please Mr. Scary Man, don't kill me." Dawn pleaded. He pulled out the chainsaw. She screamed and fell back wards off the cliff. Izzy sprinted to the cliff and kicked the psycho man off.

Dawn came out of the water, shivering. The man came out and was revealed to be Chef. Izzy was beside him with the mask.

Izzy: I WIn!

Chris walked onto the beach wth Owen, Scott, and Gwen. "IZZY! You totally messed up the challenge! You know what? FINE! Izzy, you are E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-E-D!" he yelled. Izzy gasped. "So Scott, Owen, Gwen, and Dawn are in the final four! Izzy is out!"