Molly is a character in Total Drama Reloaded. She is portrayed BY ONLY TDfan10!!! 

Candy Codies

Total Drama ReloadedEdit

Molly arrives on the island happy as can be. She tries to make a few friends, but fails. Molly is placed on the Candy Codies and is fine with it. In Steve Job's Revenge, she walks to Joshua and Corey hugging. She walks away.At her team's elimination, she is worried that she mght get eliminated, but is safe. She makes a confessional saying that she wanted to make friends with someone. The next episode Alex wants to make out with her. But, Chris interrupts him. She is one of the only people playing volleyball. Chris yells that Fang is coming for her babies. She runs with the other contestants. She is the first to get to the old camp and new camp, securing her team's victory. At elimination, she chooses the letter "M" and that puts Money Bags and Maclore up for elimination. Money BagsMaclore, and Naomi are in the bottom 3. She watches Naomi take the Flush of Shame.