Hijotee's Water Park is the second theme park created by Hijotee with the RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 video game that is part of his main gaming series. This park originally started with only water rides but then expanded into a full-sized theme park filled with all kinds of rides and attractions. However, the park is still considered a water park due to the large amount of water rides and also the fact that the entire theme park is placed around a huge lake. In that lake, several boat rides and water shows are present therefore giving more reason why this park is being called a water park. In the end, a mini-island was built in the middle of the lake where the signature roller coaster of the park is located. Even though this park is not part of one of Hijotee's main series, it is still very similar in size and videos compared to every other annual theme park series created by Hijotee. This series even includes cinematic videos, POVs, and other miscellaneous videos just like the main series parks. Although, Hijotee did consider to include this theme park as the main series at one time, but due to the timeframe when it was built, and the fact that a much bigger and better theme park was built on that same year, this park never really received the spotlight that it deserved. Below is a brief summary of all the videos that fall into the Water Park series category; ordered by date published and grouped by video type.

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