3rd Cody

He is really gay and likes to squeal.


He also loves Dawn and Mike alot, just like the original Cody.

Cody 3 is a third Cody in the series. This Cody debuts in Total Drama Boney Island and is very stupid, and also very gay (like happy gay, he likes girls too :P). He will get in a relationship with Evil Mike, Dawn and Evil Lindsay. Cody 3 is hated by Cody and Dawn but is loved by his team, Team Cody 3.


Cody 3 is first introduced in the Total Drama Reloaded special, "Boat to Boney Island" by Chris. He then competes in the following season and is placed as team captain on Team Cody 3. Cody 3 leads his team well, but is then angry that his team keeps losing thanks to Dawn making her own team, Team Cody 1, win many times. Cody 3 then plots an evil plan to take down Dawn and get her eliminated. His most notable attempt is in "Big Buffet of Boney Island" where he acts as an imposter of the original Cody and secretly switches spots with him so he can sabotage Dawn's team directly and make her lose. However, Cody 3 secretly falls in love with Dawn, but he is too embarrassed to express his true feelings for her. Team 1 then finally loses thanks to Cody 3 making Dawn being hated by everyone. Dawn is then eliminated, but after a major confusion, Cody 3 is voted out along with Cody 1. Chris then declares this as a non-elimination round due to the confusion so Cody 3 is safe for one more episode. He continues his failed attempts to frame Dawn in "Beneath Boney Island" this time with help from Peter the Seagull where both of them try to win the challenge first and then cheating to make Dawn lose by showing her weakness. This is proved unsuccessful as Team 3's cheating is revealed and Cody 3 is then eliminated thanks to Cody 1 giving away all of his idols. Peter then takes over as team captain and also continues Cody 3's plan in the next few episodes. Dawn however keeps trumping all of Team Cody 3's evil plans and after Peter's elimination, his evil plan is kept alive and passed onto other Team 3's players. Dawn finally wins with the elimination of Staci and her failed last attempt to avenge Cody 3. Now with all the players from Cody 3's team eliminated, peace is finally restored in Boney Island. That is until Cody 3 returns for the finale, but this time he reveals his true feelings for Dawn, and even though everyone laughs, Dawn supports Cody 3 and eventually becomes his girlfriend, making Cody 3 very happy. Cody 3 now with Dawn as his girlfriend, enjoys his last few moments of the season together. Than is until Dawn realized that Cody 3 will never appreciate her for who she truly is.