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Cody 2 is a second Cody in the series. Just like the original Cody, this Cody looks exactly the same as the original. However, this Cody acts quite differently, as his actions might cause people to consider him as a villain, rather than a hero like the original Cody. That means that both Codies are mostly against each other, causing them to be enemies. Regardless, this Cody is secretly gay and kinda likes the original Cody a lot, even though they are always seen to hate each other.


In the end on Total Drama Island, both this Cody and the original Cody make it into the finale, and fight against each other, where the original Cody wins and this Cody gets second place. However, in Total Drama All-Stars, Cody 2 returns to compete where it is the original Cody who gets eliminated first while this Cody wins first place in the fifth season, along with all the other grand prizes that Cody 1 won in Season 1, like a BMW i8 and double the money. Cody is now very happy that he is very rich, while Lindsay, the hottest girl in the show, also likes him a lot. In Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, he makes an appearance as a sub for Chef in the episode, "Codies".


  • Cody 2 first appears in Total Drama Island since his only purpose was so Cody had two chances of winning. Later on, he competes again in Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama Boney Island.
  • Cody 2 is an exact copy from the real Cody, who traveled back in time 2 years from the year 2015 and encountered his younger self in the series.
  • Cody 2 loves it when Justin rubs his nipples.
  • He is originally played by User:DamiedeterJR, but was then played by several other users like User:Dapi602, User:The Villainous Vulture and most noticeably, User:TrueCobalion.
  • Cody 2 created a robot in the finale, before it was broken down by Ezekiel.
  • Cody 2 is secretly gay and hates green jelly, just like Courtney.
  • He has gotten to the finals in the first season and the fifth season, and has won the fifth season.
  • He is the second richest contestant in the show, behind Brianna.