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Welcome to the Hijotee Wiki! This Wiki is the place for all things Hijotee anywhere from his YouTube channel, to his animated movies, and even his Total Drama related interactive games and activities. Feel free to explore the Wiki and see a huge encyclopedia of everything that Hijotee has created and shared with the world.


On the end of August 2017, the Hijotee Wiki's expansion process was completed. The Wiki is now fully up-to-date with all of Hijotee's content and will be continued to be updated periodically in the following months. Also, the old roleplay was officially cancelled around this time.

Main ContentEdit

Below is a list of everything that Hijotee has created online.


Hijotee has created a few animated films that were shared on YouTube since 2009.

Main ChannelEdit

Hijotee is best known for his main YouTube channel created in 2011. This section is an encyclopedia of all the series and videos that Hijotee has made.

Interactive GamesEdit

Hijotee has also hosted various interactive activities and games in this Wiki for all the users to enjoy. However, these games were abandoned in 2017.

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